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Enhance Your Experience with One-Day Add-Ons

Cover all your bases with One-Day Dining pass, THE FLASH Pass, a Digital Photo Pass and more. Buy now and avoid additional lines the day of your visit.


Due to new safety protocols, parking must be purchased online before your visit. 


Daily Parking

Save time and purchase daily parking before your visit.

Now Only: $20.00/ea

Eat at the park all day for just one up-front payment. It's the best way to stay fueled during your visit to Six Flags!


One-Day Dining Deal

Get two meals, a snack and drinks all day!

Now Only: $34.99/ea

Leave the park with a complete record of your visit including Ride Photos, Character Meet Greets, Front Gate images and more!

We are not selling Single Day Photo Passes at this time. Please check back in 2021.
Animal Experiences

Enjoy a truly unforgettable experience with our land and water animals! Park admission is NOT included with either program.

We are not selling Animal Experiences at this time. Please check back in 2021.

Our Games Play Pass puts more FUN in your wallet! Buy your Games Play Pass online before your visit and save.


Games Play Pass

Get 20% more to spend on games

In-Park Value: $50.00/eaNow Only: $20.00/ea

Spend the day making memories, not waiting in line! THE FLASH Pass allows you to continue your fun and ride when it's your turn.

Regular-flash-75x75 image

THE FLASH Pass Bronze

Reduce wait time by 25%!

As Low As: $50.00/ea
Gold-flash-75x75 image


THE FLASH Pass Gold reduces your wait time up to 60%.

As Low As: $70.00/ea
Platinum-flash-75x75 image

THE FLASH Pass Platinum

THE FLASH Pass Platinum reduces your wait time up to 90%.

As Low As: $95.00/ea

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